Protecting Your Floor

Once you have made the investment in wood flooring, you'll want to protect it. Luckily, there are a number of ways that you can not only protect the quality of your floor but also add years to its life and luster. Follow our tips below to make sure that the beauty you love today will last a lifetime.

Using throw rugs and floor coverings:

  • Place mats or throw rugs in high-traffic areas, such as in front of the kitchen sink and in front of exterior doors.
  • Do not use rubber-, plastic-, or foam-backed mats on hardwood floors, as these may discolor the floor. To prevent slippage of area rugs, instead use an approved vinyl rug underlay from a reputable manufacturer.
  • Area rugs should be moved occasionally as they block sunlight, which may give the appearance of discoloring under the rug.

Cleaning and maintenance:

  • Water is a wood floor’s worst enemy, so always clean spills and mud from your floors immediately.
  • Regularly sweep or vacuum floors to prevent sand and/or abrasive dust from scratching the finish. Pay special attention to high-traffic areas.
  • Avoid using any cleaning products with a wax or soap base. These products can leave a residue and make surfaces slippery.
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaners, which can dull or even scratch a floor’s finish.

Avoiding scratches and other damage:

  • High heels are second only to water as a wood floor’s worst enemy! Keep heeled shoes in good condition and avoid wearing them on wood floors whenever possible.
  • Chairs and any other furniture that is moved frequently should have floor glides attached to the bottom of each leg to prevent scratching and wear.
  • Never wax the bottom of the legs of furniture.